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P3MPlus™ Fundamentals Foundation Certification
Официален сайт: www.projecta.bg/lang_bg/
Дата на провеждане: 20.03.2014г. 09:00ч.
Адрес на събитието: ИНТЕРПРЕД СТЦ София

Leaders are measured by their ability to bring in change and add value to the organisation, their organisation. P3MPlus™ gives comprehensive tools and techniques to help you to add Business Value. P3MPlus™ is not a framework of many disparate, or even congruous methods, P3MPlus™ is a very powerful single method.

P3MPlus™ has one comprehensive model that integrates

• Enterprise change management
• Portfolio management
• Programme management
• Project management
• Knowledge management
P3MPlus™ is fully tailorable and
• Can be used as a stand-alone methodology
• Can be used in conjunction with all well-known best practice methodologies
• Is based on Controlled Flexibility; top-down control and bottom-up Agile based approaches

P3MPlus™ helps you to

• Maximise your time and people effort
• Position the change clearly
• Lead your teams through inspirational leadership
• Give effective communications
• Incorporate new change during the change initiative

Course Outline

The 3-day P3MPlus™ Fundamentals Foundation course is your starting point and covers all the areas you will benefit from. It helps you to understand your weak and strong points and identify what you need to focus on. The course includes a 75 question multiple choice exam.

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